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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard time and again how meditation and yoga can enhance your quality of life. If you’re curious about how to get started with these traditional wellness practices, help is available through the care of Ava Satnick, MD, of Holbrook Health in Portola Valley, California. Call or click to schedule your next visit, and learn how acupuncture can help you feel and function better each and every day. 

Meditation and Yoga Q & A

What are the health benefits of meditation and yoga?

Meditation is a set of techniques that allow you to reach a heightened state of awareness and increased focus. It’s a process of learning how to shut out external stimuli to create a deep sense of self-awareness and clarity.

Yoga is a practice that combines movement, breathing, and mindfulness to create both physical and mental well-being. There are many different types of yoga to choose from, all with distinct benefits.

Both meditation and yoga offer the chance to redirect your focus inward and to give your body and mind a break from the seemingly endless demands of daily life. Many people who incorporate one or both of these practices into their wellness routines report improvements in numerous areas, including:

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Immunity boost
  • Improved attention

Unlike many treatments, trying meditation and yoga does not require a substantial investment of time or money. 

Am I a good candidate for meditation and yoga?

Virtually everyone is a good candidate for meditation and yoga. There are beginning levels of both practices and a fit for everyone. It goes without saying that you don’t want to start with an hour-long meditation session or an advanced yoga pose, but with the guidance of a practitioner like Dr. Satnick, you can try these techniques easily. 

Often, people who are most vigorously opposed to these kinds of mindfulness therapies are the ones who benefit the most. It takes a willingness to try something new and an open mind to how these techniques might enhance your life. 

How do I know where to begin with meditation and yoga?

When you meet with Dr. Satnick, you’ll begin by discussing what you’d like to achieve through meditation and yoga. You’ll share the details of your personal and family health history. A physical exam and blood testing might be needed to learn more about how your body is currently functioning. 

As you begin your journey with meditation and yoga, Dr. Satnick can provide guidance and assistance. She can show you where to start as a beginner and help you “level up” as you sharpen your skills.

Some people prefer to practice meditation and yoga as a solitary pursuit, while others enjoy practicing with others and sharing their experiences and achievements. Both are viable paths, and you’re encouraged to shape your journey in the way you choose. 

When you’re ready to get started, call Holbrook Health to schedule a visit. Online booking is also an option and can be done any time of day or night.