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Herbs and dietary supplements can bring a wealth of benefits to your overall health and wellness, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. At Holbrook Health in Portola Valley, California, Ava Satnick, MD, offers guidance on how to safely and effectively incorporate herbs and dietary supplements into your wellness planning. Begin today by calling to book a visit, or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page.

Herbs and Dietary Supplements Q & A

How can herbs and dietary supplements improve my health and wellness?

In a perfect world, you’d easily obtain all the vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients your body needs through food sources alone. In the real world, however, achieving this goal requires careful meal planning, shopping, prep and cooking time, and the ability to eat most meals at home most of the time.

Herbs and dietary supplements enable you to add to your diet by incorporating high-quality nutrients alongside your ongoing nutrition efforts. They’re a chance to ensure you’re getting what you need without making nutrition planning a focus of each and every day. 

An expansive body of research supports the use of herbal remedies and supplementation in overall health and wellness. Many cultures make liberal use of herbs to address a wide range of needs. Modern science has given us even greater insight into how these tools can be used to support our bodies and minds. 

How do I know which herbs and dietary supplements are right for me?

It’s easy to acknowledge the benefits of adding herbs and dietary supplements to your routine, but figuring out where to begin can be far more complicated. 

An overwhelming volume of information on herbs and dietary supplements is available online and elsewhere, much of which is thinly veiled marketing efforts designed to promote sales more than wellness.

There are also too many choices, especially for people just learning about herbs and dietary supplements. The sheer volume of choices can make many people decide to simply forego supplementation rather than make an error.

Dr. Satnick understands this and is committed to providing customized guidance as you begin to incorporate herbs and supplements into your daily routine. Physical exams, blood testing, and a discussion of your goals help her get you started, and she remains available to answer questions and alter your plan as needed.

Are herbs and dietary supplements safe?

Under the guidance of a highly skilled integrative health practitioner, herbs and dietary supplements are not only safe but an effective way to improve overall health and wellness. Dr. Satnick creates a customized plan specific to your needs, and she’ll adjust that plan as you move forward. She generally has a less is more approach and prescribes only what is indicated as to avoid excess pill burden. 

You’ll learn when and how to take supplements. Some supplements need to be taken with certain types of food in order for your body to make good use of the ingredients. 

You’re in great hands at Holbrook Health. Begin today by calling or clicking to set up your one-on-one visit.