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Constantly getting headaches or suffering from migraines can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Ava Satnick, MD, at Holbrook Health in Menlo Park, California, specializes in treating young adults and children who are afflicted with frequent or severe headaches. She can help by finding out what’s causing the headaches and prescribing the most effective treatments, and offer advice on preventing headaches and reducing their intensity. To benefit from Dr. Satnick’s expertise with headaches, call Holbrook Health, or book an appointment online today.

Headache Q & A

What causes headaches?

Headaches are the most widespread cause of pain and can affect people at any age, even young adults and children. Many common illnesses like colds and flu cause headaches, and sinus infections can result in intense pain in your face and forehead. 

Other reasons for getting headaches include dehydration – even mild cases can cause a throbbing headache – and stress. Tension headaches, which are the type of headache you’re most likely to get, are due to tight muscles in your scalp, jaw, shoulders, and neck.

Headaches are more common in people with stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. Young adults and children studying for exams or who are worried about issues at home or school are also likely to get headaches.

The cause of many headaches remains unclear. There could be genetic links, and headaches often occur in response to triggers such as hormone changes, lack of food, and environmental factors like pollution, noise, and bright lights.

Are there different types of headaches?

Headaches take many forms – there are over 150 different types of headaches. Tension headaches are responsible for the majority of cases, while of the more extreme headaches, migraines are the most common.

Migraines affect around 12% of the United States population. They may occur occasionally, or you might suffer from them repeatedly every month. Migraines frequently begin in adolescence or early adulthood.

Migraine pain is often severe. Your head is likely to be throbbing on one side, and you may feel weak, tired, and nauseous. Sensitivity to light and sound is often a problem for migraine sufferers, and some also experience visual disturbances that occur before or during their migraines.

What treatments can help with headaches?

Over-the-counter pain medications can be effective for everyday headaches and those caused by being sick. You should also look at what might be causing your headaches; for example, you might need to drink more water or find ways to relieve stress. Your diet or artificial flavoring or dyes could also be contributing factors.

If you or your child has repeated or severe headaches or starts experiencing migraines, Dr. Satnick at Holbrook Health offers a range of effective treatments. There are numerous medications available that can help prevent migraines and reduce their intensity, as well as complementary therapies such as:

Relaxation techniques
Guided imagery
Spinal manipulation
Tai chi and yoga

Dietary supplements containing riboflavin, magnesium, or coenzyme Q10 could also be helpful for some patients.

To find the right treatment for headaches and migraines, call Holbrook Health today or book an appointment online.