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When breastfeeding goes well, it has extensive benefits for both mother and baby, but sometimes the learning curve is too steep or things don’t go according to plan, and expert guidance is needed. If you want to breastfeed or you’re already trying and having difficulties, Ava Satnick, MD, at Holbrook Health in Menlo Park, California, can help. Dr. Satnick is a board-certified lactation consultant who specializes in helping mothers discover the rewards and joy of breastfeeding. To find out how you could benefit from Dr. Satnick’s expertise, call Holbrook Health, or book an appointment online today.

Breastfeeding Q & A

What advantages does breastfeeding offer my baby?

Breastfeeding your baby has some significant advantages, including:


Breast milk meets the nutritional needs of human babies perfectly. It contains all the nutrients they require at the right levels and is also easy for them to digest.

Infection prevention

Breast milk is full of antibodies that fight infection. Colostrum (the first breast milk you produce after the birth of your baby) has high levels of antibodies, but you continue to pass your antibodies to your child the whole time you’re breastfeeding.

Immune system benefits

Breast milk contains various cells and substances such as lactoferrin and interleukin-6, -8 and -10 that help build a protective, balanced immune system. That means your baby’s body can recognize and fight off numerous diseases after you finish breastfeeding.

Digestive health

Breast milk provides food for healthy bacteria in your baby’s body. That ensures they have a robust microbiome that plays a lifelong role in preventing infection and reducing your child’s risk of chronic conditions like allergies, obesity, and asthma. ​

Breastfed babies also suffer from fewer ear infections, digestive upsets, and other health problems.

Does breastfeeding offer benefits to the mother as well?

Breastfeeding offers significant advantages for mothers, including:

Faster recovery from childbirth
Reduced rates of breast and ovarian cancer
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
Cheaper than formula feeds
Fast and simple feeding
No heating milk and sterilizing bottles

Breastfeeding also releases hormones called prolactin and oxytocin that help you bond with your baby and make you feel relaxed and full of love. 

What’s the key to successful breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy for new mothers. Your baby is learning how to latch on to your nipple at the same time you’re learning to spot when they’re not getting it quite right.

For example, your nipple needs to be well inside the baby’s mouth, with most of the areola covered. If not, you’re likely to feel uncomfortable, get sharp pains, and develop sore, cracked nipples. Furthermore, your baby won’t be getting a steady stream of milk.

Dr. Satnick at Holbrook Health is a board-certified lactation consultant with over three years of private practice experience helping mothers successfully breastfeed their babies.

Dr. Satnick can not only help you identify correct positioning and latch,  but she can also guide you through relaxation techniques that improve milk flow. If needed, she can review supplements, herbs, and medications for you.

Once you master breastfeeding, it becomes second nature, and you get to enjoy the incomparable experience of nursing your child. Find out how by calling Holbrook Health today or book an appointment online.