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Anxiety is often triggered when under stressful conditions. But for some. it becomes a disabling mental health disorder and can interfere with daily living. If stress or anxiety is impacting your child from fully participating in their life, Ava Satnick, MD, at Holbrook Health in Menlo Park, California, can help. Dr. Satnick is an expert in using integrative medicine techniques to offer optimal care for patients under 30 struggling with anxiety disorders and stress. To find out how she can help, call Holbrook Health, or book an appointment online today.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety – feeling worried, nervous, or plain scared about something like an interview or other important event – is natural. These feelings normally come and go in response to your situation, but with an anxiety disorder, they become persistent and overwhelming.

Children, teens, and young adults may suffer from anxiety and panic. Panic attacks cause physical symptoms such as a racing heart, shaking, and nausea and may sometimes result in chest pain.  Those who suffer from anxiety and/or panic may find it increasingly hard to take part in everyday activities. At young ages, such intense fear that you or your child may be unable to function, remaining immobile, or crying uncontrollably. In older children and teens they may refuse to go to school or college because these experiences have become anxiety-inducing. They will need to relearn how to constructively use these emotions and understand their stressors so they can live to their highest potential. 

What is the best way to treat anxiety?

There’s no single treatment approach that works for everyone with anxiety. With any mental health disorder that affects young people, Dr. Satnick creates a personalized treatment program based on the patient’s symptoms, triggers, and factors like their age, general health, and lifestyle.

Psychotherapy is often vital in addressing anxiety disorders. Opening up to a trained professional about your fears and how the condition makes you feel is not only liberating; it can also provide you with insights into the root causes of distress. 

Another type of talking therapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be useful for people with anxiety. CBT helps you re-evaluate the thoughts that cause you so much anxiety and learn ways to identify your triggers and manage them more effectively.

What other anxiety treatments might I need?

There are several ways in which Dr. Satnick at Holbrook Health can help you overcome your anxiety. These include:


A change in your diet can help promote better overall health, and you might benefit from certain food, dietary supplements and herbal remedies.


In addition to talking therapies, practicing activities like meditation, hypnosis, music therapy, and relaxation techniques can all help reduce anxiety.

Physical activity

Regular exercise is a must for most health problems, but make it something you enjoy – forcing yourself to attend a gym when it heightens your anxiety isn’t a great idea. 

You might also benefit from physical therapies and treatments such as acupuncture and massage.

In many cases, you can combine these approaches by taking up activities like yoga or tai chi and practicing mindful eating.

These treatments can help most people with their anxiety and are safe for children and adolescents. And for those who prefer to use medication, these techniques are easily incorporated into any treatment plan and patient’s may notice significant improvement. 

For expert, integrative care of anxiety disorders, call Holbrook Health today or book an appointment online.